We adhere to conservative lending policies

How to Invest

Investing is easy. We offer investments in individual syndicated, arm's length mortgages. Our syndicated mortgages allow you to invest in specific mortgage loans, giving you the flexibility to create a portfolio of fully secured mortgages. Through investment in these mortgages, investors enjoy a steady revenue stream.

Paragon Capital, as underwriter, adheres to conservative lending policies that includes:

  • Lending only against properties with definable exit strategies
  • Investing in short-term mortgages to minimize market risk
  • Conducting thorough due diligence and credit/risk assessments

Syndicated Loans

For decades, Paragon has consistently generated returns to investors through syndicated mortgages. This type of investment allows the investor to invest directly in a specific mortgage.

When the loan pays out, the capital is returned to the investor. Paragon’s long-standing performance is the result of experienced decision making, low tolerance for risk and thorough underwriting. Syndicated Mortgages generate income through a rate of interest which is payable throughout the term of the loan.