The principals at ROQ know and understand real estate

ROQ’s priority is to offer our clients a diversified portfolio of mortgage investments, underwritten and managed by Paragon Capital Corp. Inc. Our principals have been in the real estate business for decades and take great pride in their reputations.  Our principals invest side by side with our investors.

The primary objective of ROQ is to invest in short term mortgage financing. ROQ achieves returns by providing mortgage financing in a niche market which provides fast, reliable and thorough underwriting for borrowers.

ROQ is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in Alberta, B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan; an Investment Fund Manager in Alberta; a Restricted Portfolio Manager in Alberta.  ROQ offers the exempt market securities of its affiliate, Paragon Capital, the mortgage issuer:

  • Mortgage backed investments in a diversified portfolio of mortgages
  • Historically consistent, stable income
  • Professional underwriting and management by people who have been in the industry for decades and have invested their own money in each and every deal
  • Diversification by investing in short term mortgages on well situated real estate