We make it easy for you to do business


When it comes to meeting your needs or the needs of your clients, we make it easy for you to do business. Paragon is one of Canada’s first private commercial mortgage lenders. We provide property owners, builders and developers with quick approvals on short term financing. Our professionals are responsive and dependable. Get the answers you need, quickly. We have built a reputation for providing innovative financing solutions for industrial, commercial and multi-family properties throughout Canada.

Our experts are among the most experienced real estate specialists in Canada. From loan origination and property due diligence, to funding and servicing, we ensure that each loan is structured to help you and your clients achieve their goals and maximize the transaction. If you are a broker looking for funds for your clients or a property owner, call one of our specialists. We are responsive and dependable.

Eligible Properties

Paragon will provide mortgage financing and loans to qualified borrowers located in Canada (primarily in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Ontario).

We provide:

  • Construction financing for residential builders
  • Bridge financing for acquisition and land servicing
  • Lending against multi-family residential and condominium acquisition, construction and inventory in all major cities across Canada
  • 3 month to 1.5 year terms with a short minimum term
  • Flexible underwriting parameters
  • Interest only payments
  • Fast track underwriting, approvals and funding
  • $500k to $3 million
  • Expedited processing of construction draws
  • Mezzanine or joint venture financing available on a selected basis


Paragon is known for its flexible, innovative financing with fast approvals and proven execution. Our mortgages are tailored to fit the needs of each borrower.

  • Construction, inventory and acquisition loans on multi-family residential and condominium inventory. Loans ranging from $500k to $3 million
  • Flexible terms up to 18 months
  • Interest only payments throughout the term with principal repayment at maturity of the loan
  • Repayment terms custom tailored to fit your project
  • Construction and land servicing financing with fast processing of construction draws
  • Flexible underwriting parameters
  • Fast, efficient underwriting and approvals
  • On time funding

The terms of the financing are based on the specific financing requirements. Our underwriting process is efficient and thorough. Call one of our mortgage underwriters and you will be speaking to a decision maker.

Locations: Well located properties throughout Canada
Minimum/Maximum Loan Amount: $500K to $3M
Minimum/Maximum Term: From 3 months to 1.5 years
Purpose: Bridge, acquisition, construction, servicing, and repositioning financing
Asset Types: Single and Multi family residential construction, inventory, and acquisition
Payment Frequency: Monthly; interest only. In some cases, loans may include an interest reserve
Rate: Varies, based on market conditions
Turn-around Time: Once we have the salient information we can provide a Term Sheet within 24 hours


At Paragon, we take great pride in our long standing relationships with our borrowers, as well as our valued mortgage brokerage network. We know and understanding real estate and are able to structure financings quickly and efficiently; no matter how complex.

Whether you are a commercial broker or a direct borrower, contact us today to speak with one of our financing experts. The process is fast and efficient. Each of our underwriters is a decision maker. We offer competitive fixed rate terms with interest only payments throughout the term. The exact terms of the financing are based on the specifics of your needs. Call one of our professionals to get started. We will discuss the specific requirements to help us quickly and efficiently analyze your deal.